why weight loss books have been so successful?

by Yasemin Soysal

Weight loss books have become one of the most popular book categories today. The important reason for this is that people have excess weight to lose and do not want to lose it with strict diet lists. Weight loss books provide information on many topics from nutrition, behavior change, weight loss tricks to intestinal health.

The weight loss books written by Yasemin Soysal examine the relationship between weight and thought. So why is the relationship between thought control and weight loss so curious? Because today obesity has become much more than an eating disorder. When we look at the death figures and the rate of spread of the disease, it now has the same characteristics as an epidemic criteria.

The amounts eaten, portion sizes and people’s normalization of this situation clearly show us that obesity is a contagious disease. The contamination and distortion of thoughts make people gain weight very quickly. People normalize weight gain and overeating in their minds. And this is the most dangerous thing for people who want to lose weight.

Why were books so successful?

What was the underlying need?

The amounts eaten, portion sizes, people’s bodies and the fact that people accept this situation as normal clearly show us that obesity is a contagious disease.

It is important to remember that the longer the mind is exposed to a situation, the more it accepts it as normal and natural. At this point, the normalization of obesity, eating and emotional crises is a big problem.

What are the mental causes of weight gain?

When people are more interested in forbidden foods than in why they are gaining weight, it distracts us from the solution.

The problem is not eating too much, the problem is why we need to eat too much. No one is looking where they should be looking. At this point, “Your One Fat Brain”, which is not a diet book, filled a big gap. It became a bestseller in the first month of its release, showing us that people experience great psychological dilemmas while trying to lose weight. The other weight loss books that followed; “Your Brain is the Only Guilty One”, “Listen to Your Soul and Feed Your Body” achieved the same success and showed us once again how much people need psychological support in their weight loss journey and how they want to find out how to solve emotional eating.

Why is there a need for thought-power style weight loss books and the like?

Individuals can find many books on behavior change and thought control. However, they struggle to find books on how to use the mind to lose weight and keep it off. Today, the fact that weight loss is about thoughts is newly accepted.

In the past, the general public thought that weight loss was only about diet and exercise. It was thought that if a fat person dieted and exercised, they would surely lose weight. The only focus was on losing weight. This is where the biggest problem arises! The weight lost cannot be maintained because people are looking for ways to lose weight, not ways to stay thin. Losing weight is the easiest, the success is to keep it off. This is why individuals with this awareness are interested in books that explain the connection between weight loss and the mind. That is why Yasemin Soysal’s books on weight loss and mind have attracted great interest.

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