Listen To Your Soul, Feed Your Body

‘Listen to Your Soul, Feed Your Body’

The book ‘Listen to Your Soul, Feed Your Body’ was published in 2013. Its first edition was 20,000 pieces.

Since it coincided with the events of “Gezi Park” 20 days after it was published, it was not sufficiently appeared in the press and it was not announced that it was published. Still, the book was sold with the love and follow-up of readers.

The book ‘Listen to Your Soul, Feed Your Body’ explains that slimming is not only about the body but also about spirituality. It talks about emotional eating disorders that occur when people ignore their souls, what they want from life and their personal expectations. Naturally, someone who ignores his or her soul also ignores his or her body. It talks about how people are afraid to live and start gaining weight when they give up their dreams.



Maybe there’s no diet prescription you haven’t tried…

You memorized all the miracle formulas.

Well, why do you think it didn’t work out?

It’s because you forgot that you have to listen to your body and your soul’s wishes before listening to the dietitians!

It’s because you couldn’t read the rumbling in your stomach correctly before calculating your body-mass index!


Let’s go on a journey together…

Let’s start all over from the beginning…

If you’re eating like you’re getting back at yourself, running out of the gym spitefully, feeling sorry for yourself instead of being motivated, this book is for you!

As you read this book, you will realize how relevant it is to the process of spiritual weakening. You’ll find out that the weight that seems like punishment to you is actually a REWARD – yes, yes, it’s not a joke, it’s a reward.