Think Thin

With this book, I hope to bring a fresh approach to the problems of excess weight and obesity, which are among the greatest health problems of our age and help you to find the answers to your problems from inside rather than outside.



I hope that the information in the book will help make you aware of your mistakes and guide you in the right direction with exercises to develop yourself on the wider subject of dieting. I believe that with the help of these exercises, you will create the right conditions for losing weight and at the same time appreciate the miracle of the brain.

Perhaps you have heard someone say, ‘It’s all in the mind. Many people stop smoking in their mind before giving up physically. That’s the best way to get rid of bad habits.’ Then you perhaps wondered what goes on in the minds of these people and how to do it yourself?

This book can provide answers to your questions and relieve your frustrations, enabling you to make the physical and spiritual changes you wish for.


SHORT Contents

Acknowledgements, Preface, Introduction

  1. Chapter: Wrongs that We Think Are Right: At All Costs
    1. The Three States of Being
    2. Who Wins the Tussle?
    3. The Call of the Kilo-Inducing Scales
    4. The Ghost in the Cupboard
    5. The Puzzle of the Plate
    6. The Cleverest Corset: Our Skin
    7. Sweet Lies, Bitter Realities
    8. The Only Fat thing is your Brain
    9. Ignorance is Bliss
    10. Now Pick Up a Pen