Keep the faith

by Yasemin Soysal

When you say you want to lose weight, your subconscious mind questions what you actually believe. Wanting to lose weight is an intention, but your belief affects your behaviour. When you say you want to lose weight, if your subconscious believes that you will gain weight, your actions and eating behaviour will probably be in this direction.

The disappointments we experience during the weight loss process are so great that we want to tell people about our experiences as if we want to throw a lifeline. How difficult it will be, that the diet can only last for a week, that it is very difficult to control the willpower… We constantly spread our negative experiences like the viruses that a sick person spreads around when coughing. When you say you want to lose weight and the subject comes up, we take the opportunity to explain how difficult this job is, the pain, diet adventures, and that you cannot lose weight so easily even if you want to. We pay the world’s money and then tell how we don’t go to gyms. In fact, we are dying, we want someone to save us from here, but then we see that there are a lot of people around us who say “Yes, you’re right, you can’t.”. As a result, we regretted that we said we wanted to lose weight.

It is easy to say I want to lose weight!

What we actually need is to get all these ideas, thoughts and beliefs out of our lives. To focus on the words and actions we say in daily life. Asking, “What do I really believe?” When I say I really want to lose weight, do I really believe it? Then to make sure that you stay away from all these feelings of sadness, unhappiness and defeat. Otherwise, explaining why you can’t lose weight will actually make you believe in it. Don’t do that! Don’t justify your failure.

Each of us is an expert, each of us is a slimming doyen.

At this point, your black magicians are your innocent healers who are there to bring out false beliefs that do not belong to you.

Your subconscious mind must also believe that you want to lose weight.

In many applications it is written that positive statements work. When the reader who reads this constantly says that he wants to lose weight, he believes that it will work. Of course, this will work at some point, but only if you believe it. Does your subconscious also believe that you want to lose weight or does it also want to lose weight? this is a very important issue.

Does your subconscious want to lose weight?

You may be asking if such a thing is possible. You may think that if I want to lose weight, then my subconscious mind wants to lose weight. But you are wrong here. When you say that you want to lose weight in your real mind, your sub-brain already believes it. But if the real meaning of the word I want to lose weight is that I need to lose weight, I have to lose weight, if I lose weight, it will be better for me, then this tactic does not work at all. Because if there is a justifiable reason in your subconscious mind to gain weight, at that point, let alone weakening, your subconscious mind will do its best to maintain its weight. In fact, the answer to the question is very close. If you can put yourself under a magnifying glass, you can actually find all the answers there.

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