No Such Thing As Positive Thinking.

by Yasemin Soysal

 There Is Only Thinking…

Thought happens through electrical energy in the neurons; positively charged sodium and potassium, and negatively charged chloride ions change place. During the process, the opposite poles cause voltage changes, releasing electrical energy in the cell. One neuron can generate several hundred electrical signals per second, which are transmitted towards the axon terminal by Axons at a speed of 200-300 km per hour. This then causes the secretion of very special chemical messenger molecules called “neurotransmitters”, enabling target cells such as neurons or muscle cells to take action. 

It’s really complicated isn’t it? I struggled to put it down in writing, and it was even harder to understand. Just imagine that this process takes place effortlessly, every day, every time you have a thought. These neurotransmitters in your brain are not interested in whether your thoughts are positive or negative; they are only concerned with reality and the processes you are activating in your body – in other words, with your real thoughts. 

What is important when chemical reactions occur is how you guide the thought and how this influences the chemicals flowing through your body. You may have positive intentions, but there is no rule to say that the effect created will be positive. Telling yourself, “I don’t want to put on weight”, carries positive intentions, but produces negative results. Getting fit, losing your belly, improving your self-confidence, giving up smoking and wanting to overcome depression are all positive intentions.

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