What food is causing you to gain weight suddenly?

by Yasemin Soysal

The story goes on, replacing the word “cake” with other foods…

On its own, any type of food does not have much meaning. Food acquires meaning from the moment we establish a connection with it. If it was possible, I’d ask you to send me a picture of your favourite food now. Then I could tell you stories about millions of foods from all over the world to show you that the culprit is not any particular favourite food.

Is There Any Food That Will Really Make You Slim?

The favourite food of someone living in a far-off country might be something you have never tasted. Even if it has the most exquisite taste in the world, it won’t mean anything to you. Let’s imagine that while you are abroad, you try the favourite national dish. The eating experience is determined by the taste receptors in your tongue and the food culture of your own past. In other words, to get the same enjoyment as someone else, you would need to share the same cultural and personal experiences. That’s why when you’re abroad, if you don’t like one unusual food, you can just pick another. But for someone else who craves it so much that nothing can take its place, that would be unthinkable, because that particular food does not just appeal to their taste receptors but also to their mind. 

The hero of every story is a different food. Some foods have such deep meaning in our lives that we talk about them as if they are a real person. We become so attached to them that we can’t imagine life without them. Then, we end up interrogating these dear friends to see which one is responsible for making us put on weight and which one might help us to lose it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you will find neither a life-changing food nor a life-destroying one, because the culprit is not food. It’s time to find out which food story you fell in love with when you were a child.

A food considered repulsive in one part of the world might be cherished in another. Something that one person can hardly bear to look at can be the focus of cravings for another, even to the point of being detrimental to health. Bearing that in mind, are you sure you will stumble across the food that will make you lose weight once you find the right diet?

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