Can We Eat To Harm Ourselves?

by Yasemin Soysal

Losing weight loses its charm when you are stuck in this vicious circle, consumed by feelings of failure

You are so annoyed at yourself that you feel you deserve punishment. Your mind knows full well what the most hurtful punishment would be: vengeance eating. The “Eat!” command once more comes into play, but this time it is not for enjoyment, but as a form of punishment. Like everyone else whose mind is disoriented by losing weight, throughout the day your brain unwittingly releases a host of images and chemicals. Sometimes these chemicals cause your blood sugar levels to drop or your adrenalin to increase. Each has a different effect, and without you even noticing, it makes you unleash hundreds of thoughts. Sometimes, you unintentionally think repeatedly about the very things that you most fear.

I want you to take a minute to stop and think about which thoughts constantly occupy your mind? 

Is it eating?

Is it dieting?

Is it exercise?

Is it avoiding sweet things?

Is it being alone?

Is it that nobody loves you?

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