What does your subconscious believe when you say “I want to lose weight”?

by Yasemin Soysal

The disappointment we experience when trying to diet is so huge that telling others how we feel is like throwing out a lifeline for ourselves: dieting is hard, it will only last a week, it’s hard to keep up your resolve, etc. We scatter our negative experiences about like a sick person coughing germs into the air. We eagerly seize on any opportunity to say how hard it is to lose weight and how we have struggled, willingly sharing our dieting adventures, our wasted gym memberships and what we wouldn’t give to eat this or that. Actually, we are in agony and desperate for someone to save us, but there seems to be no end of people around us repeating the same thing, “Yes, You’re right. You’ll never do it.” 

What we really need is for all these thoughts, perceptions and beliefs to be sucked out of our lives, to look at the things we say and do in the course of everyday life and ask ourselves what we really believe. Then, we can make sure we stay well away from these feelings of disappointment, frustration and defeat. Everyone of us is an expert, a veteran of weight loss. This is where the black magic friends can unwittingly be our healers, by revealing the false beliefs that don’t belong to us.

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