How to Choose a Suitcase for a Journey to India?

by Yasemin Soysal

How Should You Choose a Suitcase When You Go to India? If you are thinking about how to choose a travel suitcase for India, this article is for you. First of all, if you are not traveling with a tour and your suitcase will always be with you on your journey and if you are going to carry this suitcase, you should definitely use a suitcase that can be both met and pulled with wheels.

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How to Choose a Suitcase for a Journey to India?

How Should You Determine a Suitcase When You Go to India?

Since we walk long distances at airports, a cabin-size suitcase will be heavy for you after a while and prevent you from enjoying your trip. That’s why I don’t like suitcases or bags that only have backpack features. In any case, these bags never stand still and fall from place to place like a bundle. If you ask what does it matter? I thisk it’s very important. Because everyone is attentive when they first travel, dressed in comfortable, clean clothes and headed to the airport. For example, imagine that you have passed the checks and you have stopped by a toilet before you go to the plane and you have a phone, a tiny wallet or a passport. Imagine you are going to wash your hands and maybe take a break from a small toilet.

A unappropriate suitcase in the toilet can turn your trip into a nightmare.

If you have a suitcase that can stand upright, you can leave it on the edge of the toilet and put your belongings on it and you can easily complete your needs, but if you have a simple ordinary suitcase, you put it aside, leave the items in your pocket on it, turn around and that bag slowly topples over into the filthy puddle on the edge. Especially if you bought a small jacket to wear in your suitcase on the plane, that journey becomes very unpleasant when this jacket is soaked with toilet water. Worriedly, you run to lift your bag, clean your toilet-soaked jacket, then put your wet-bottomed bag on your back. Then you see that the gate where you are going to board the plane is at the very end of the airport and you have to walk to that door with that heavy bag. Finally you come to the door and at the same time your waist is wet with the dirty water from the bottom of your suitcase. My God, a simple suitcase could be the reason for the journey that started out like a nightmare. That’s why a suitcase bought without carefully thinking will cause you a problem that you never thought possible.

So, should we prefer a pull-on wheeled suitcase when going on trips?

So, should we prefer a pull-on wheeled suitcase when going on trips? In fact, this is not a good idea either.  The wheels of your suitcase have slipped like oil on the airport floor before, which is wiped many times every day. You then traveled to your destination country and got off the plane. As soon as you leave the airport for the bus or train you are going to, you can land in a derby, ruined, broken city. Then that suitcase won’t go anywhere with those wheels. As soon as the wheel breaks, you can not pull it, you have to grab it by the handle and carry it, your hands and back hurt and with such a suitcase you will regret it during the trip to India.

Therefore, if you are traveling to different places, your bag should be a suitcase that has both features together. A small cabin-sized suitcase should have two handles with wheels underneath it and the back of the bag that sticks out of it for you to attach to your back when the zipper is opened. The bag you choose for unusual trips should definitely be a backpack with wheels. What you should pay attention to when choosing this suitcase is that the handles can be tied or zipped inside, because when you pull such a bag on the road, those handles can crawl to the ground, get caught on a stone, get stuck between your wheels and cause you to fall. In fact, I had such a bag and every three meters I had to bend over and struggle to get the handle stuck in the wheel. All this is enough to disturb your comfort.

Make sure your suitcase is not a hamburger suitcase.

Make sure that your cabin size suitcase is not a suitcase that splits in two. You know, there are suitcases like hamburgers that have the zipper in the middle and are separated in two equal proportions when you open the zipper, or pay attention to these bags because if you have to open your bag in the middle of the journey you choose a poor or difficult route, you will reveal what you have and what you do not have with such a bag. They are also very useless bags if you ask me.

And that’s the suitcase shape I don’t like at all. It is divided into two parts like a hamburger,  and it is a problem to turn it off. In addition, if you need to take something from the suitcase while you are on the street on difficult tracks, all your belongings are in the middle.

The choice of suitcase before the trip to India is one of the most important criteria that determines how comfortable your trip will be.

Ideal suitcase is the one-sided suitcase with the zipper at the top and you can clearly see your clothes when you open it. In this way, you can take something easily and close your bag in the same way.

Here’s my favorite, the suitcase that opens from one side.

The choice of suitcase is one of the most important criteria that determine how comfortable a trip will be.

This bag seems to fit the ideals, but its zipper opens halfway like a school bag. When you’re trying to find what you’re looking for in a full bag, a half-opened zipper make you throw a tantrum.

When choosing a suitcase, be careful not to open the zippers halfway. While these zippers are not a problem in a hollow suitcase, a half-opening suitcase can give you a nervous breakdown when trying to find what you are looking for in a full travel bag. Therefore, it is necessary to open the zipper completely.

Here’s my favorite suitcase shape. The suitcase that can be easily used on a difficult track, that can be worn on the back when necessary, and that can be pulled out thanks to its wheels when necessary.

When you travel out of the ordinary and without tours, make sure that your suitcase is a suitcase that is portable when it is necessary, that you can pull when necessary, that has as few eyes as possible and that is useful. Also refrain from using very eye-catching, stylish, bright bags. If you start with an ordinary and normal suitcase as much as possible, you will minimize the possibility of being lost and stolen.

Don’t forget to put a phone number or address on your suitcase that they can make a contact with you!

Don’t forget to put a phone number or address on your suitcase that they can make a contact with you! This address or phone number should definitely belong to the country you are going to because no one from a country with a low economic situation will try to reach you by calling abroad, but they can call a number of the same country code and reach you. So let’s say you’re going to travel to India. Then don’t forget to put a note an Indian number that they can reach you in India and an address where they can easily leave the suitcase in India. For example, this may be the phone and address of the first hotel or pension you will go to. This will save your life.

They delivered our suitcases, which were lost at the airport, to our hotel a day later. It was the best birthday present for me.

Also, never put things like wallets, phones, passports in the front area of the suitcase. When you carry a large suitcase on your back, you may not feel the front eye of the bag open. Especially if there is chaos, noise, loud noise, they can easily open the front of the suitcase on your back and take your belongings. Use these parts of your suitcase usually for wet wipes, a tiny disinfectant, water, and something to snack. Thus, the items you will always need will be in an easy spot.

Straps hung on the suitcase can save your live.

Be sure to put a hanger on the edge of your suitcase that you can hang if you can. When you attach the small holders used by mountaineers to your suitcase, you have the chance to put a bag, a small water bottle, a raincoat here.

During a trip, it can be a pleasure to constantly take your suitcase out of it and put it back in. These hooks or hangers help you when you least expect it.

A bag, water bottle, slippers, etc. (whatever the material that will help you most on that trip) with the hanger or hooks you attach to the side of your bag will make your trip easier.

Especially a hook that you can hang your bag on will be incredibly useful. Sometimes you put it on a tree sap and sometimes on a toilet hanger, making your trip safer and more enjoyable.

Be creative when choosing bags.

Make sure that the part of your bag that corresponds to your back is so that it does not disturb you. Remember that materials that sweat excessively will cause trouble.

“The answer to the question of what kind of bag you should have with you when you go on a trip will definitely not be the best quality and expensive.”

The bag that makes you the happiest and most useful will save your life. You may like a very high quality bag, but depending on your height and weight, this bag can be very large, heavy. At this point, you will move away from the comfort you dreamed of.

Many people choose bags by ignoring their physical features. The weights and dimensions of the bags are not standard. So don’t decide until you put the bag on your back.

I wish you a good trip.

What should you have in your suitcase for your trip to India?

We had chosen to go to India during a hot period, but this was a period of mild coolness in the evening while the heat was not overwhelming and the afternoon was slightly cold. In such weather, at least in the afternoon, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy our trip.

For us, clean clothes were more important than psychological pain. We could walk around dirty but when I started a nice day I didn’t want to hear the smell coming from the tomato stain on my shirt. Also, in a country like India, most things can be dirty, but it’s important to remember that people who go to temples take care of themselves and their clothes. We weren’t going on a tour, so when we were going from one city to another, looking for hotels and restaurants, we would have suitcases with us and we would look for our destination with these suitcases. Considering the average age of my parents, I thought there should definitely not be a single extra thing in our luggage.

If it’s unnecessary, don’t put it in the bag!

You need to think carefully about everything you are going to put in your backpack. When you add an item that you will not use to the backpack so that it may be useful for me, this thought does not end. You notice when you try to close the zipper that you have added a lot of items to the backpack in case you need them. Also, the backpack you wear on your back for a minute may not be heavy for you, but if you carry it on your back for half an hour, every kilo will make your back hurt and you will feel more than the current weight of the bag.

On such journeys, there should definitely be a few alternatives in the choice of clothes. Jackets and socks that will keep you warm in the evenings, as well as thin clothes, must be in your backpack. Otherwise, you don’t want to walk around the next morning with a stuffy nose and napkins in your hand. Being sick on a trip is the last thing a traveler wants.

Don’t force yourself to take your favorite T-shirts in your suitcase for a trip to India.

So we definitely had to have thin but few clothes in our suitcase.     If you’re thinking of a trip to India, don’t force yourself to put your favorite T-shirts in your suitcase. Instead, you’ll be much happier if you choose clothes that you can wash with a soap and that will dry quickly. That’s what we did. We didn’t cram the bag with clothes to wear a new T-shirt every day. Instead, we made choices so that we could wash and wear them the next morning.

We also didn’t choose jeans as a woman because we know that most women in India wear dresses or skirts instead of pants. Because you can put at least 3 dresses in the place where one pair of jeans covers. That’s why we stuck one or two clothes in our suitcase that could be washed comfortably in flight. You can also be sure that it will be much more noticeable that you are a tourist in India with jeans.

Be sure to have something in your suitcase that you can easily wash.

Instead of pants, you can choose thin comfortable tights and long T-shirts that cover your hips on top. In this way, you will feel comfortable and the long T-shirt you are wearing will make you look more like you are wearing clothes. Especially if you have taken a thin wide shawl with you, it will not be comfortable with you because you can easily walk around the streets of India after wrapping that thin shawl around your waist and body.

As a man, you can also choose combed shorts and cottony thin pants that you can easily wash. In India, people don’t pay much attention to them. Also, even if you can’t take something with you, don’t worry, you can easily buy it from there. You can be sure that you can find very high quality textile items very cheaply.

When you go to India, be sure to have wet wipes, cologne and disinfectant in your suitcase. You can pour your cologne or disinfectant on a napkin and continue with your personal cleaning, but believe me, this is not too much trouble. No matter which city you are in on your trip to India, you can easily find cleaning needs such as wet wipes. That’s why we only took one wet wipes and a little cologne with us, on the grounds that we might need it on the road. Already afterwards, you can easily meet your requests from the markets.

The trip to India may surprise your bowels, so throw an extra one or two underwear in your bag.

We haven’t forgotten our toothbrushes, but I waited to go to India to get toothpaste because you can find great curvy toothpastes there.  Knowing this, I didn’t want to carry a paste in vain. As soon as I landed in India, I bought myself a natural, chemical-free and fluoride-free toothpaste. Don’t forget that you can even buy miswak sticks if you want.

I would definitely recommend bringing an extra pair of underwear with you. You never know what’s going to happen to your gut in India. That’s why your gut, affected by a meal you’ve eaten, may have a hard time waiting to find the toilet. In this case, it is not a problem for anyone to take an extra one or two underwear with you, and it also takes up little space.

When we landed in India, all our luggage was lost and all we had left was this sleeping bag. However, we were able to easily find all our needs for two days.

You must put socks in your suitcase.

In the evenings, you can stay in an ashram like ours and the blanket they give you may be insufficient. So we put two socks. We didn’t think that if one got dirty, we’d wear the other. In addition, if it is very cold, two socks on top of each other allow us to spend the night comfortably. Also, as you know the situation of the streets in India, you can suddenly step into a lake of urine and wet your socks. You don’t want that to happen. Instead of a wet, stinky sock, you pray to have a spare in your bag.

Save an extra room in your suitcase for cashmere for your trip to India.

For India Travel, cashmere and wool inIndia is much cheaper and better quality than you can imagine. Especially if you come across a local market, you can find the best products you can buy here. One day we bought incredibly beautiful cashmere sweaters that came across such a market. I think we could buy the same product from our own country for ten times the price.

Of course, if you do not know that the products you buy from India should not be washed at high temperatures, you will be very disappointed like me.

You can add a little sunscreen, face cream and hand cream to your bag. Put them in as small containers as possible. You can find very special and natural products prepared with natural ingredients in India. Don’t forget to even take a few extra and bring them with you.

Don’t exaggerate to put anything in your suitcase  when you travel to India.

Don’t exaggerate to put anything in your suitcase  when you travel to India. Just identify your must-haves on the road and get them in small sizes. Remember that when you have something you really need, you can easily get it from there.

You might think of putting canned and packaged foods. Never resort to such a way to feed yourself! Because this will take you 3-4 days at most. And then you will have to entrust yourself to the food culture of India again. Besides, who would go on an extraordinary journey with food in their bag? Then this will no longer be an extraordinary journey. Do you know what I love about extraordinary journeys? You leave not only your belongings, but also the excess in your personality before you travel.

My favorite thing about extraordinary journeys is that you leave not only your belongings,

but also the excess in your personality.

How about putting canned food in your suitcase?

During the long train journey I was going to make, I threw a red bean stew into my bag as a surprise to my father. I didn’t show it to him.  I was going to surprise him in India. Maybe you want to make a little surprise for someone you love. That’s when you can take your favorite food with you. This should not be because you will be starving, but to make your day beautiful.

I usually don’t forget to put a little candle and incense in my suitcase as well. It takes up very little space but it’s always a place where I use them. I just put a few extra candles in my suitcase for a trip to India. Since the country I was going to go to was already an incense paradise, I was excited about the incense I would buy from there.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a trip to India or other trips, just setting out will make you feel different.

Good trip…

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