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by Yasemin Soysal
You can see some of the places to visit in Rishikesh city.

Places to Visit in RISKİKESH

What did we do during our trip to Rishikesh, India, where are the places to visit in Rishikesh and what can you do? I have prepared a very enjoyable article for you about the places to see and what we have experienced. In this article, you can find ashrams, accommodation, yoga centers, what you must do and what we went through in the city where we went by bus from New Delhi.

Our trip to New Delhi and what we experienced.

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Getting from New Delhi to Rishikesh

What did we do during our trip to Rishikesh, India? Before telling you aboutthe places to visit in Rishikesh , I would like to give information about transportation. There are alternative ways from New Delhi to Rishikesh that provide easy access to the city. We preferred bus travel in order not to waste days.

Getting to Rishikesh 7-8 hours by bus

We arrive in Rishikesh city with a 7-8 hour bus ride from New Delhi. I couldn’t say our journey was very comfortable. The buses were usually old anyway, but since the back seat of the bus was empty, we could at least curl up and sleep. Gurus welcomed us in this city, which is 245 kilometers away from New Delhi.

We chose the departure time from New Delhi specifically at night. Thus, we were able to reach Rishikesh without wasting an extra night.

Luckily, the back of the bus was empty so my mom and I could stretch our feet and sleep. That’s why we had a comfortable travel.

After getting off the bus, we headed back to the city center in tiny buses that looked like minibuses and had no doors.

When we opened our eyes, it was morning and we had come to the bus station. There was a minor car commotion, though not as much as in New Delhi.

If you have a lot of luggage, such vehicles can cause you some trouble. Keep in mind that you will often encounter such small vehicles in India.

The most challenging thing for you in India will be the wrong choice of luggage or the fact that you have a lot of luggage. Transportation is easy, but vehicles may be smaller than you think. Please read the tips to be considered in the selection of bags we have prepared for you before your trip to India.

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One of the first countries that comes to mind when it comes to yoga and meditation is India. In India, which has very interesting cities, Rishikesh is the first city that comes to mind with yoga, temples, enormously rich forests and historical past.

Rishikesh; The Ganges and Chandrabhaga are also spelled Hrishikesh. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, this area is known as the “Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas” and the “Yoga Capital of the World”. It is a city in the Dehradun region of the Uttarakhand state of India.

The city is located at the confluence of the Ganges and Chandrabhaga rivers. The Ganges river flows through the Rishikesh, and as such, the city has a much more special meaning for Hindus. It is possible to feel the peaceful form of the water at every point of the city. It is considered the center of yoga with its retreats called ashrams in its city.

We stayed in an ashram too!

The guru was a yoga master, so we went to an ashram with him. Since the Risihkesh ashrams are very famous, we stayed in an ashram on our trip. In fact, this was a new and confusing experience for us. The interior of the room was very simple.

Our room in the ashram evoked a feeling that we would not want to get up under other conditions. Everything was really very simple.

The natural calmness here were allowed us to accept the room quickly. We also felt the same peace in the ashram when we left the room. I want to show you the front view of the room. Indeed, there is no trace of that noisy and overwhelming feeling of India.

We were hungry and the Guru took us to a huge hall on the ground floor of the ashram. In a place as big as a basketball court, a lot of people were sitting on the ground, waiting for the food to be delivered soon.

If you stay in an ashram, participate in a dining table.

The Guru told us these meals were distributed free of charge. People came to the ashram and helped with the preparation of food. As much as they could, some helped cook the dishes, some by distributing plates, some by cooking the bread.  The food was always made from one hand as it was in our old times.  We sat on the floor and waited for the food to be put on our plates like everyone else. We learned that if we were not satiated, we could take it again. The smell of food in the hall, where spices were intense, would make you hungry even if you are not hungry. People are starting to spoon the plate they put between their legs. They handed over hot pita bread next to meals and many people ate their food with these pita bread. It was our turn and we lifted our plate into the air. We took our food without knowing what they were going to put in.

In Rishikesh, everything is vegetarian.

In India we always liked the food, we always ate delicious food. The food that came out in the ashram was really delicious. We felt like we were in a nice restaurant with a nice rice, plenty of spicy Indian food and warm pita.

Due to its religious significance, everything in the city of Rishikesh was vegetarian, non-vegetarian foods and alcohol were  forbidden.

When we didn’t eat in the ashram, we tasted the delicacies of street vendors in the streets. Of course, not every flavor made us happy, but still each one was worth trying.

If you visit Rishikesh, stay in an ashram without any hesitation. Both experience the simplicity of the ashram and experience a spiritual feeling by attending yoga classes, you are sure it will be very good for you.

Usually most people did not wear shoes on bus travel. On top of that, when we took off the shoes in the ashram, we became street children. Since we usually walked around the ashram without wearing shoes, we started to get used to this situation.

Afterwards, we went for a tour of the city with the guru.

Places to See in Rishikesh

Located 4.5 km outside Rishikesh, the Lakshman Jhulabridge is a large iron suspension bridge over the Ganges River.

First we went to the Lakshman Jula bridge, which is the heart of the city. While there is a huge Ganges river flowing in the city, there needs to be a huge bridge in the middle of the city in order to connect them and enable people to travel easily. Here is the bridge that is the spinal cord of the city of Rihikesh is the Lakshman Jula bridge.

It is such a bridge that the life of this city really flows from there. Cows, dogs, motorcyclists, walkers, beggars, spits, spectators of the Ganges river, hippies… You can see everyone on this bridge. Some went one way, others went the other, and some just wanted to be on this bridge over the Ganges like us. We had a hard time taking pictures because someone was constantly crossing the bridge.

In fact, this is a simple bridge, but it is a bridge that affects many Hindus all over the world, connecting two regions over the heart of the Ganges river, which seems to be the breath of life for many people. That’s why we wanted to feel that kind of energy.

On both sides of theLakshman Jula bridgethere are shops selling interesting souvenirs. You can get unforgettable items from your trip by shopping at these points.

Tourist items are waiting for you.

Sandalwood woods, incense and kindling are other souvenirs you can buy. If you are disturbed by the smell of incense at home and you are allergic like me, then you need to turn to such natural products. You can burn it like incense or use the slats of sandalwood for other purposes. In addition, in order to ignite the dead in cremation ceremonies, the relatives of the deceased, who are in good condition, put a sandalwood in the mouth of the deceased and start the fire. That is why sandalwood and kindling have a special importance in India.

Also my mother and I bought the Indian paint set, which had little ornaments. It is a small package, but it can be used for a long time easily. If you wish, these products, which you can use to complete makeup in your hand or at the edge of the eye, can take their place in the souvenir list. After all, when you come to India, don’t forget to take something like this in your bag.

 Shopping in Rishikes; my mother makes Indian ornament on her hand.

The Lakshman Jhula area has more tourist spots than the inner parts of the city. That’s why, if you are bored with tranquility , you can have a more enjoyable time here.

While crossing the bridge, the monkeys, which are quite accustomed to humans, can be perch on the shoulders of the visitors. Since the only concern of the monkeys will be the food in your hand, you can go on the bridge with things that may interest them and have a pleasant time.

Ganges River

As soon as you cross the bridge, you can hear the sound of the Ganges Riverand see that clean and clear water that you can see in very few areas of India. In other regions, the Ganges are so polluted that you are likely to get sick. That’s why, here you can easily put your feet in the cold water of the Ganges River.

When we left New Delhi and came to Risikesh, a tranquility was waiting for us. The Himalayas on one side and the Ganges River on the other side and a city surrounded by a green nature… After the sweltering noise and traffic of New Delhi, the only ones making noise are the birds in the trees.

The breathtaking sound of the Ganges River, which surrounds the city in an instant, the birds in the trees, the generosity of green and nature attracted great attention. It felt like a tranquility surrounds us.

Of course, as everywhere else, it is possible to find women washing clothes by the Ganges River and the smell of detergent smelling like mist.

You can also figure out you are at the entrance of the Ganges River by the clearity of the water. The water here is much cleaner than in other regions.

We didn’t feel the same astonishment here that we felt in New Delhi. All of a sudden we were filled with joy.

Trayambakeshwar Temple

Although the city is home to quite a number of temples, the most important among them is undoubtedly the Shri Trimbakeshwar Temple. Located right at the foot of the bridge after crossing theLakshman Jhula Bridge, this temple is a 13-story Hindu temple. There are small Hindu Temples in the rooms on each floor. Inside the temple; There are symbols of important gods such as Rama and Kirishna.

This temple is one of the famous sacred temples in Rishikesh. Also known asTera Manzil Temple , the temple was built as a dwelling place for Lord Shiva. The statues and gods on the 13th floor are  also confusing. It is also thought Trayambakeshwar Temple is more than 400 years old. Even if you can’t stop by during your visit to Rishikesh, you will definitely see this place. It is impossible to overlook with its imposing architecture

Experience yoga tourism in Rishikesh.


Since the early 1980s, this city has been opening its doors for an international yoga festival every year in the first week of March. The city hosts the International Yoga Festival, which is held in March of each year. Spiritual personalities who come to the city from all over the world for various rituals in this festival conduct meditations since ancient times.

There are many yoga centers in the city. Sivananda Ashram, Parmath, Niketan, Phol Chatti Ashram are just some of them. These centers are at the top of the recommended points not only for yoga but also for accommodation.

What did we do with our trip to Rishikesh, India, where are the places to visit in Rishikesh?

I should mention briefly doing yoga. While talking about what we did on our trip to Rishikesh, India, and the places to visit in Rishikesh, Guru took us to do yoga by the Ganges river, and whatever he did, this experience became unbelievable with the sound of the Ganges river. I want to share photos with you. It took a lot of concentration to try to stand in the amut by the rock, but I tried to do my best. That’s when you don’t have the opportunity to think about anything else.

One of the views you will often encounter in the city of Rishikesh will be the image of people doing yoga anywhere in the city.

Yoga Tourism in Rishikesh

Many institutions and organizations organize tours to Rishikesh with approved yoga certificates. It is only way to visit yoga and meditation points by participating in these tours. So we went to a few of them. The entrance toBaba Kali Kamli Vanprasth Ashramand the inside of it seemed very imposing to us. They even made a map at the entrance of Baba Kali Kamli Ashramso that you would not get lost in it. When we saw that such a large ashram was full of people, we figured out how much people were interested in yoga tourism.

Baba Kali Kamli Vanprasth Ashram; Ashram in Rishikesh

Baba Kali kamli Vanprasth Ashram; Entrance to the ashram

Baba Kali Kamli Vanprasth Ashram; Map of the ashram

Rishikesh, which is now considered the capital of yoga, was full of people who wanted to do yoga and became yoga teachers.

Travel around the Beatles Ashram.

In fact, the biggest contribution to the awareness of yoga in the West came out from the Beatles. In February 1968, they came to this corner of India to learn transcendental meditation. The Beatles, who came to India to learn yoga, wrote 48 songs from their album, Rishikesh. Shaken by the death of their manager Brian Epstein, the band members chose this place for a spiritual journey, but the Beatles, who later left for intestinal problems, sexual lives and similar reasons, wrote many of their songs here.

Don’t leave without seeing the final version of the Beatles ashram.

The Beatles Ashram, which was forbidden to enter for a while, but was later organized and opened to tourism, became known by this name as a result of the world-famous The Beatlesband staying here. There are 40 pieces that the Beatles composed here. Images related to the group are still in the Ashram as on the first day. If you have a special admiration for the Beatles, you should definitely visit this Asharam.

The ashram where they stayed was closed for years, but recently the place within Rajaji National Park has been reopened to visitors with the famous yoga tourism. A small photographic exhibition showing the visit of the Beatles group in 1968 was also placed in the ashram. It was closed when we went there. Don’t return without seeing the final version of the Beatles ashram, which is located near the Ram Juladan Bridge and which you can walk to.

You can go rafting in Rishikesh!

Of course, the doors of the city are also open to travelers who want to experience adrenaline. Many adventures in nature such as rafting, nature walks, jumping, camping, raft races are waiting for you. I don’t know how safe it would be because the security measures in India are not like in a European city, I wouldn’t push myself too hard if I wanted to have an adrenaline-filled experience in India, because even a simple bus journey, every inn can give you an adrenaline-filled experience.

Every moment is an adrenaline…

The top of the bus we were getting on in Agra had fallen on the heads of people sitting in front. People’s heads were on their way to the hospital, covered in blood. It was already such a rammed old bus that when we first got on it, we were even surprised at how it worked. We were never surprised that something like this happened on the bus, but it was surprising to live with the feeling of what was going to happen to us at any moment in this way. So from my point of view, there was no need to experience an extra adrenaline rush in India. We chose to do more calming activities in Rishikesh. We were minimizing the chaos of India by loving animals.

We loved lots of street animals. Compared to other parts of India, the animals in Rishikesh were much more in tune with humans. They wanted to be loved. So in Rishikes, people loved and cared for animals. This was a very important criterion. If animals act freely in a country or city, if they want to make people love themselves, there is no need to be afraid of the people living in that city. You can guess that they are more humane and well-intentioned. I think yoga also has an impact, and during the time we were in Rishikesh, we really saw that people were much more friendly than in the city of Varanasi.

Shri Kunjapuri Temple

Visit the Shri Kunjapuri Temple, the temple in the heart of the Himalayas.

What we did in our trip to India Rishikesh under the heading of places to visit is a place that most people do not share but should definitely not be skipped. Shri Kunjapuri Temple, in the heart of the Himalayas with its amazing views.

The guru wanted to take us one day by car to a temple outside the city, located on Kunjapuri hill at 1,676 meters above sea level, where we could see that magnificent view of the entire Himalayas.

So we set out with him. We were traveling on a road where the car was bouncing around on the dirt floor, and it was a little sickening to my father. So we had to stop a few times on the way to the SHRI KUNJAPURI Temple. From Rishikesh this place is on average 15 km.

Shri Kunjapuri Temple is one of the most visited places in the Tehri region.

The story of this place is very complicated. Lord Vishnu circulated the body of the deceased goddess Sati throughout the universe. The places where his corpse, which was divided into 51 pieces, fell, are called shakti peeth. There are three main shakti peetha, these are Kunj puri, Surkanda Devi and Chandrabhe. The place we went was the Kunj Puri Temple.

When we came to the temple, we realized that we had not actually come to the SHRI KUNJAPURI Templewhen we stood at the head of a long staircase. The stairs were so long that we couldn’t see the end of it.

My father, mother and I looked at each other. We thought that it would not affect us much because we lived in a neighborhood with a very abundant staircase in Izmir. In fact, it was sure to be exhausting for my father, who did not like to climb stairs very much.

Many come here to watch the sunrise and sunset, pray against the majestic Himalayas, and experience the vast landscape, fresh air and silence that you cannot easily find in India.

Since the Guru brought us here in the evening, we came across a wonderful sunset that you will see from the photos.

After slowly climbing the stairs, we are left with a view that is really worth seeing. Each of us went to a corner. We were silently experiencing the impact that Shri Kunjapuri temple had left on us.

We stayed there quietly for a while and took lots of pictures.

My mom and dad were very enjoyable as we were able to climb all the stairs and finally get to the temple at the top of the Himalayas because there was a view that was really worth seeing.

If we could crack the coconut at a time, our dream would come true

Then the guru led us under a tree. According to the belief there, if we can break the unbroken coconut we bought from the temple with our hands at once, what we dream of, what we go there and pray for, will come true.

We immediately took a coconut and I prayed under that tree.

I concentrated and slammed the coconut on the ground in one go. Even I was surprised that the coconut was cracked in one go. The coconut really was broken in one go and I drank the water immediately.

The guru said I should eat the inside too, and we all ate the cracked coconut. We were happy for our dream that is likely to come true.

After an average of an hour or two here, we set off again for the city center.

Don’t miss the Aarti ceremony!

Also, don’t miss the Aarti ceremony that I mentioned in detail in my Varanasi article, because this sacred ceremony, which is only held in certain parts of India, is also held in Rishikesh. That’s why if you come here, be sure to attend the Aarti ceremony.

Travel other temples and places of worship around.

What we did on our trip to India Rishikesh, places to visit in Rishikesh…

What did we do during our trip to Rishikesh, India?
  • Don’t forget to visit the Lakshman Jula Bridge, which is the spinal cord of the city, listen to the sound of the Ganges on it, experience the movement of the city, and take a photo with Rishikesh behind you.
  • Stay in an ashram and experience the spirit of the ashram with people practicing yoga.
  • Be sure to help cook at a yogi camp or ashram and then sit on the floor and eat some of the wonderful meals and warm breads that are distributed free of charge.
  • If you want to experience something full of adrenaline, do extreme sports in Rishikesh such as rafting, rafting, mountain trekking.
  • Visit the Beatles ashram and imagine how a band that once rocked the world made music here and could immerse themselves in the flow here. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a piece too.
  • Eat Indian food served on a tray in the city of Rishikesh, where vegetarian food is at the forefront, because after eating the food, I realized that vegetarianism can be so delicious. So I’m sure your food choices will change after eating great vegetarian food.
  • If you have not attended in any other part of India, be sure to attend the Agra Aarti ceremonies. You won’t want to miss this fiery show in the evening. You will also find that there are many forms of rituels and prayers that will change your perspective on death.
  • If you haven’t already done so, you can also attend cremation ceremonies in Rishikesh.
  • You can tour the city by bicycle and visit the bridges over the Ganges with connections.
  • If you want to take in the view of the Himalayas and witness a wonderful sunset on the summit, go to Shri Kunjapuri Temple. Don’t forget to break a coconut there for us too.

We are going to Varanasi City.

After the peaceful moments we live in the city of Rishikes, it is time to set off by train for the city of Varanasi.  That’s why we’re excited to be taking a train ride because I’m with my family and we’re heading to the country’s most chaotic city in India on a train. We never know what awaits us on the road and we have to catch the train.

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